Plasma diagnostic development

Fusion and Plasmas Dynamics Laboratory

Diagnostic developments are essential in plasmas physics study. Our team will develop the diagnostics based on um/mm wave emission, scattering, and reflection and analysis model to interpret the signals from these diagnostics.

Plasma diagnostic development
  • On-going Projects
    • [Development of diagnostics device and research of transport for understanding transport phenomenon in fusion plasma]
    • [Center for ST Magnetic Metawear Research with SNU, HYU, PNU]
      - Upgrade of VEST diagnostic system ⇒ Physics study of spherical Tokamak plasma / Development of its digital twin 
      - Plasma equilibrium parameter for digital twin input / Plasma fluctuations for cross - validation of digital twin
      - Upgrade of Interferometry system to  higher frequency, single to multi channel
      - Development of soft X ray diagnostic to 3D imaging of plasma instability under the collaboration with SNU team
      - Observing more detailed physical information of instabilities such as electromagnetic micro-instabilities and MHD modes (eg. Microtearing mode, Kinetic ballooning mode, Internal reconnection event...),could be a breakthrough to commercial ST fusion power plant