Alternative fusion concept

Fusion and Plasmas Dynamics Laboratory

Tokamak is the mainstream in magnetic fusion research. However, it is not a perfect concept and has inherent limitations such as pulsed operation and complicated toroidal geometry. We will explore alternative fusion concepts and perform basic experiments to understand these concepts.

Alternative fusion concept
  • On-going Projects
    • [Center for ST Magnetic Fusion Metawear Research with SNU, HYU, PNU]
      - Spherical tokamak (ST) : A type of tokamak which has small aspect ratio (R_0/a<2>
      - Small aspect ratio contributes to high β (confinement parameter) and stability
      - Higher power density than conventional tokamak ⇒ Smaller size is needed for ST ⇒ reduction of cost ⇒ more economic for commercial fusion power plant
      - In ST Magnetic Metawear Research, we will study physics of ST plasma and develop of digital twin to expedite ST physics research

      [Magnetic mirror]
      - Open magnetic system, Easy geometry, low cost, can achieve high beta (0.6 in GDT) 
      - Vulnerable to MHD instabilities and longitudinal leakage, but many techniques (Electric field biasing, FRC, additional chamber) are developed magnetic mirror geometry for fusion and neutron generation
      - We will study magnetic mirror plasma physics and engineering for application to fusion and other applications
      - Under construction (will be completed around November, 2021)